Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Building a mobile agenda for JSConf

[Update: Sorry for the missing pics... Deleted by accident. Thank you google...]

A couple of OutSystems' engineering guys were going to a JSConf Europe conference this weekend. While looking for the schedule, they found this:

We just couldn't let this opportunity go by, so João Neves used Platform 9 (which is about to be released) to build an agenda for the event. You can find the application here. It gets the Agenda from google docs using the new REST capabilities, and it is a completely mobile ready!

And, since on the week before I was playing with the source code of OutSystems Now, I built an application for Android that would allow attendees to view the schedule of the conference on their devices, even if offline (source code here).

The results were pretty cool! At the time of writing, 125 people had installed the Android App and we a bit over 7.500 pageviews! And we had some good reviews! :)


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