Saturday, May 3, 2008

Reso. not supported

I bought a 500Gb Iomega Screenplay HD. I needed some place to backup my photos, and since I don't like watching long videos sitting at the computer, I figured a multimedia drive was the way to go.

I tried it out with a bunch of videos and it seems to work pretty good. It supports enough formats, it has support for subtitles, and it lets me see my photos (though it is a bit slow showing pictures).

Then I tried another video that I really wanted to watch, and I got this error:
Reso. not supported
I must confess it took me a bit to understand that it meant "Resolution not supported"! After I got finally got that, the solution was obvious! Change the resolution of the video.

To do that I used Avidemux. It is very easy to use and has these "Auto" configurations that basically do exactly what you want. All I had to do was open the video, select "Auto/DVD", configure to do a single pass (double pass is the default, but it takes twice as long to convert), and wait. Now I can see the video on my multimedia drive!

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