Thursday, November 1, 2007

Upgrading to Gutsy Gibbon

Ubuntu has launched a new release last October, Gutsy Gibbon. I was really eager to try it out, so I clicked the magic button to do the upgrade, just like I did last April.

Turns out that this time things weren't so easy... For some reason my Update Manager had been giving me trouble for a couple of weeks. And the Gutsy upgrade was the worst time for things to go really bad.

To start with, the upgrade seemed to stop at some point for no apparent reason. Because the upgrade script is made in Python I decided to try to figure out what was going on. For some inexplicable reason, the confirmation dialog was freezing the installation... so I removed the call to the dialog and things seemed to move forward.

Obviously my happiness didn't last long, and the process stopped at the middle of the installation. No chance but to boot the computer and be prepared for the worst. Turns out the computer booted OK, Ubuntu loaded, but the system was so mixed up with new and old stuff, that X didn't start and apt-get was unable to recover the situation... oh well...

Still, I had text mode so I was able to backup all the things that I should have backed up earlier. I booted Windows and downloaded the Gutsy CD. And then I reinstalled everything.

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Anonymous said...

Pretty lame... I thought that kind of stuff only happened on Windows... ;)