Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Why I am not buying a Mac

Yearly this year I was strongly considering buying a Mac. The design is so cool, OSX seems like a great OS, they have TextMate and people I know that own Macs don't miss a chance to tell me how great it is.

But as time went by I changed my mind. Here's some of the reasons why this happened:
  1. The $$$ factor: I don't really need a Mac. Actually, I don't even need a new PC. It's a way too expensive whim.
  2. iPod: I own an iPod. I love it. It's a great MP3 + video player but it does have its flaws, specially when it comes to iTunes. There's just some things it won't do right (like podcast handling) and it has a few bugs that cause my artwork to vanish from time to time. Fortunately Media Monkey solves my problem, but it does make me wonder about other Apple software.
  3. It burns: A friend of mine has a MacBook Pro. The hand rest heats to a point where it is actually uncomfortable to rest your hands. This is an issue to me because I actually use the hand rest to... well, rest my hands! I returned a laptop because of this same problem, so it's a no go for me.
  4. Safari: I downloaded Safari for Windows. It crashes as soon as I type something in an input box. Again my faith in Apple software went downhill.
  5. Ubuntu: When I first considered buying a Mac I was using Windows. My machine was getting slower and slower by the day, so I believed I needed a new machine... Now I use Ubuntu and that problem is gone. And Ubuntu may not be as cool as OSX, but it is a cool enough OS.
  6. Fanatics: The legion of Apple fans makes me more uncomfortable than reassured. They always assume Steve Jobs is right and that everything about Apple is great. This means they have a high tolerance to problems and that they don't talk about those problems. This is not an exclusive problem of Apple, it's a problem that occurs every time a technology issue is turned into a religious war (think Emacs vs Vi!).
With all this in mind I'll save my $$$ and keep this not so fast machine for at least another year.

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