Saturday, May 26, 2007

Ubuntu, NVidia and Automatic updates

So you have your Ubuntu system up and running, you click the button to do an innocent software update and suddenly... Bye bye X! What happened?

Well, during my upgrade to Feisty I installed the NVidia drivers' packages and they were updated. And since for some reason Ubuntu's NVidia drivers still don't work, I lost my X! So, once again, it's back to w3m to download and install the NVidia drivers from NVidia's website...

This is easy to solve, but I would rather that it didn't happen again. So I removed the Ubuntu packages from my installation.

sudo apt-get remove nvidia-glx
sudo apt-get remove nvidia-kernel-common

After doing this you must reinstall the NVidia drivers, because removing these packages also deletes a bunch of required files. As a bonus, you win about 100Mb of free space. :-)
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