Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Compiling Drivel in Ubuntu

So you want to use Drivel to add your posts to Blogger, right? By this time you probably noticed that Drivel doesn't work with the new version of Blogger. Shame...

If you look around you'll probably find rumors that the CVS version of Drivel supports the new Blogger login... This is not true, but if you care to compile Drivel anyway here are the steps to do it:

  1. Get CVS: sudo apt-get install cvs

  2. Get the gnome development environment: sudo apt-get install gnome-devel

  3. Install libsoup. This should be easy, something like sudo apt-get install libsoup2.2-dev. Unfortunately it's not so easy. The Ubuntu version of libsoup is 2.2.96 and Drivel needs version 2.2.97! You must go to Debian and search for the needed packages. I've downloaded and installed this one, plus dependencies.

  4. For some reason during the installation of the libsoup dependencies (the libxml) I had to do a apt-get install -f. This made some libs disappear, so I had to run sudo apt-get install gnome-devel again.

  5. Now get the Drivel source from CVS. Instructions on how to do this can be found at their site.

  6. Now just type ./ followed by make.

You can now start hacking the code and add support for the new Blogger Login API! :)

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